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star-pkmn-adventure whispered: "I don’t think we’ve met before…"



"We haven’t."

The words were sharp and curt and the tiny brunette barely glanced over her book. 

Until her unown sideswiped her head, forcing the small woman to look up and focus on the blonde. A soft, fuzzy noise filtered into her head from Keeper and the girl’s eyes narrowed, focusing slightly past the girls shoulder before dark eyes flickered back up to the girl’s face. “But I would be inclined to introduce myself.” She shut her book as she spoke, her lips pressing into a thin line. “And inquire about the presence about you.”

As the girl sat across from Lulabelle, the tiny woman relaxed, her shoulders slumping as she released the breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. The fact that a pair this unique could have just walked right past her, but instead took her offer to sit down and talk with her,lifted some weight from her shoulders. Now if she just could get keeper calm enough to make sense of the babbling white noise in her head, that would have been perfect. 

Keeper shivered in her hands, staring off just beside the woman, occasionally flinching back into his trainer. 

Lulabelle couldn’t help the small laugh that slipped from her, her strangely monotone expression faltering as her lips quirked. “You’re wandering around with a presence, and you’re more interested in how I can speak with my psychic pokemon?” Brown eyes warmed behind her glasses and she glanced down to the unown in her hands. “Keeper has been with me for fourteen years, you are bound to have a connection with your pokemon after that long.” The brunette smiled slightly. “But I believe all psychic pokemon have the ability to communicate with their trainers depending upon how powerful their abilities are, so the farther down the evolutionary lines, the more honed their minds are. Unown are a particularly interesting case, being from another dimension and all.” 

The smaller woman glanced back up. “But it took us years to form the bond, and even longer for me to understand him. I am still trying to perfect that connection myself with Weston, but she is proving a little more resistant to learning to communicate properly. She’s only able to provide pictures to voice her intentions or concerns.”

Her lips pressed into a line as she realized just how much she had said. She had a terrible habit to gush over Weston and Keeper, her pride and joys, and this had been exactly that. 

The brunette cleared her throat, shaking her head. “I am afraid I may have run my mouth a touch. My apologies, but I believe it is now your turn.” She shifted, allowing Keeper to once more float about freely, the little unown hovering just beside Lulabelle’s shoulder as she laced her hands together in front of her. “What is…or I assume in this case, Who is, Lucy?”

"…Hmm…" Star leaned back in her chair. Interesting. The longer the bond with psychics, the more you are able to communicate? Hmmm. What an interesting theory.

"Now if it only worked with ghosts. Maybe then you can stop relying on me and the Pringles." Lucy stopped making faces at the Unown and turned her attention to Star and the girl in front of them. The idea of creating a bond so strong that you could communicate with others piqued her interest.

Maybe this girl had an answer to why she is still here. That’s like, a .99% chance of her knowing. But it never hurt to hope. She loved Star, but she wonders why she was still….around.

They listened as the girl talked, hoping she would continue to talk some more. They were more listeners than talkers. But alas, the girl has finally realized what she was doing and stopped herself. A little “tch” sound escaped from Star. She was just getting into it too.

Now it was her turn.

"…Lucy…..Lucy here is my dear…sister…" She looked up at Lucy hovering slightly above her to her right. Lucy shrugged, it was the truth. Star wasn’t one to lie anyways. Star turned her attention back to Lulabelle. "…And only I and ghosts can see her…..until now…"

Her eyes sparked with curiosity.

"I never thought about…psychics being able to sense her….your unown is…very interesting…"

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So I made a new blog.


((I was sick to death of having Celeste as a side blog, so come and follow my multi-region PAC blog!))

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(( oh yeah since im roadtripping in a few hours, like this status so it’s okay if i draw your muse in pen / pencil ?? :O ))








mobile suit gundam

Shrek: The Animation

Samurai Pizza Cats

Bible Black Origins

Kingdom Hearts III

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Pokemon Adventure Challenge


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I’m still not in the mood for replies so i will do them on wednesday when i come back! ))

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come on and slam

floralsongs whispered:

[Out of my way dears. It’s MY turn to shine. I do not care if I met this girl much recently then many of you

but UGH. UGH. The absolute HORROR of this girl.

She should very much consider meeting me LIFE CHANGING. But this girl. She has used and ABUSED me and my glorious moustache.

You do not understand. When I first met her. Oh. Oh she seemed so sweet. She seemed so shy and innocent and sweet. Oh. It was almost love at first sight. She even held a certain container that had


my face! I thought she was a fan! I wanted to help her.

That was all a LIE.

In fact, that can did not have my face! It was utterly repulsive. The moustache was not glorious at all! And worst of all. She…SHE CAPTURED ME. AND NAMED ME after this horrible “MR.PRINGLES”. She thought it was “cute”

Abusive. OUTRAGEOUS. ANd you know what she says?

"Hm…you should shave your moustache sometime, you might be cuter without it…"


Also somehow she can understand me but none of the other ghosts. I’m not sure why either.]

kaorien whispered: I remember seeing some posts when art programs are on sale, so I just wanted to let you know clipstudio is on sale from now to monday the 28th! It's $19 for pro (60% off) and $99 (55% off) for ex version.


You are very correct! Thank you for letting us know, we will happily share this with our followers.


ClipStudio is a drawing program for both Windows and Mac. It is greatly discounted right now. 
Here is a link to their official website where you can find the deal:


Here are a few examples of their program’s finctions, though many more can be found on the front page of their website.
Also, a video of their program in motion [Link].




It seems to be a Vector based program, much like Illustrator or Adobe Flash. For followers who are not aware, Photoshop works in Pixels rather then Vectors.

/!\ EDIT: Followers should be made aware of the following.
I have just been made aware that ClipStudio is apparently… the exact same program as Manga Studio 5/Ex. The only difference is that CSP is the digital download and MS5 is the physical copy. It has recently changed to this and is VERY misleading and has caused a number of people to purchase a program they already own. It’s more noticeable on the Smith Micro website where both “versions” are offered. Those who are still in doubt should definitely try the demo prior to purchase.”
- An anon dropped this information in our inbox.
Thank you for the information