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Blond(e) Sass; { Closed RP: Nathan }

It was a wonderful day! A bright clear sky! Perfect! The nighttime will be fantastic then! But for now, it was time to do some shopping. For adorable clothes and accessories, of course. Star, decked out in a cute pink shirt, with a white skirt, and of course, millions of star accessories on her hair, wrist, and neck, was ready for more.

Star walked past through the gates, into the wonderful city of Lumiose. She heard there were some cute new shops around, and decided to check it out. Lucy, of course, came along unwillingly.

"Star….do you really need new clothes…"


"Are you sure?"


Lucy shrugged and sighed. She could never control her sister. Never when it comes to the word “cute” or “curious”. It annoyed her so much. Why couldn’t they do what Lucy wanted. And don’t you dare give her the “Oh but you are a ghost” excuse. Not good enough for her. Apparently.

As they walked around Lumiose, Star noticed something, right around the Jaune Plaza. It seemed to be still under construction, or maybe it was open! She couldn’t tell. She remembered hearing about a new battle cafe in the city. She noted that she needed to check that out eventually.

"I wonder what kind of battles I could have in there…" Star looked off in the distance as she continued to walk, her body having already memorized the route around Lumiose.

"Uh…Star…." Lucy tried to call out for her. She had stopped following Star, hoping Star would realize what was going to happen next. At the same time, she really hoped her sister wouldn’t notice, because what was about to happen was hilarious.

"Just a couple more steps…"


Star had accidentally run into someone. In her confusion, she turned around, hitting the person again with her MASSIVE pigtails. Lucy burst into tears. She was absolutely losing it. Not only running into someone, but hitting them with her long hair? Oh. This hasn’t happened in a long time.

Star turned around again to find the damage she had done. Luckily, she didn’t feel her pigtails hit anyone. Good, one casuality was enough. She found herself looking at a blond man, who seemed to be wearing a……barista outfit? …Maybe a bartender outfit? Do people go to bars this early in the day? Either way, he was on the floor, seemed to have landed on his butt. His glasses were a bit crooked, and he seemed a bit dazed.

"….Oh…" Was all that Star could say at the mess she had caused. She panicked a little. What if she lost some accessories during this dangerous encounter?! She quickly brushed through her hair. Nope, she didn’t lose any accessories. She let out a sigh of relief. Lucy continued to laugh out loud in the distance. 

"This is going to be one interesting event."


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The Beat [Closed RP: Star]


Moving, stepping, attacking to an ever-changing beat, Juliet had finally gotten back the rhythm of battle. It was a concept her father had taught her years ago. When an expert warrior found themselves in the heat of a battle, something more than just their heart beats within them. There was a feeling of oneness with the fight, and their life becomes entwined with keeping that rhythm alive in their movements.

Step, strike, block, dodge.

Juliet spun between trees and over mossy rocks. Discarded weapons were strewn about her, waiting to be utilized again in her strange dance of attacks and parries against invisible foes. She lodged her sword into a tree and then rolled away, picking up a pair of blades as she stood up. She became a blur of motion as she eviscerated imagined enemies, carving unseen limbs from nonexistent bodies and causing incredible damage to those that were not there.

With a twist of her body, Juliet threw both of her blades, and they quivered as they stuck to a tree. Without missing a beat, she produced her bow and nocked an arrow, aiming down it’s shaft at…

…No, that person was actually there.

Juliet held the arrow in place, her battle fever wearing away, replaced by a sudden heat in her cheeks. Someone had seen her shadow-fighting, and now this blonde girl probably thought her some kind of lunatic. Juliet hid the bow behind her back for all the good it would do her and tried to smile, but found that the expression was too difficult to pull off properly, given the circumstances.

"H-hi…" she tried meekly, mentally cursing herself for trying to speak at all.

"What are those awful noises?"

Lucy imitated covering her ears with her ghostly hands. Obviously it won’t do anything. She doesn’t have substance except for ghostly matter. However, Star agreed. They were pretty annoying.

Star and Lucy were just out on their nightly walks. They liked going out at night, mostly to avoid people. Star and Lucy could talk as loudly as they wanted, and no one would judge them. They usually also let the ghost pokemon run free. This is one of the rare occasions where all the ghost pokemon ran off somewhere, leaving the sisters alone for a bit. It was nice and quiet.

Until now. Usually, in these cases, Star would be curious. What on earth is going on to make those noises. She would snoop around, and check it out. Actually. In fact, despite being annoyed, Star was more curious. She really couldn’t figure out what the sounds was. Is it…someone being attacked? 

"Hey Lucy….we should check it out!"

"Star….not again…this time you don’t have any pokemon on you."

"It’ll be fine, they will know when I am in danger and will come running back to me."

"And well, I guess you have me too…"

"…..Kind of.."

And with that, they followed the sound. The picked up their speed, jumped over stuff when needed. A new adventure. Leaves crunched under their feet as they sounds got louder and louder. It doesn’t seem like whatever is going on isn’t slowing down.As they approached, Star stepped on a twig. A loud SNAP vibrated through the air. Both sisters froze. They waited to see if the sounds would suddenly stop. Nope. It still kept going.

"I’m going to check it out Star." Lucy floated over to the area, out of Star’s sight.

And then she came back laughing. "Oh man Star, you HAVE to check this out. Oh my god. It’s so sad. So sad!" Lucy dashed off again in front of her, cackling while saying"Oh my god" between every breathe.

When Star arrived. Well. Let’s just say it was a sight to see. A lone girl, standing there. Fighting….nothing. There were weapons all over the place. Just as soon as she arrived at the scene, the girl through blades at the tree, and then turned around to point a bow and arrow. The girl looked so confident. So strong.

And then the girl froze. Lucy started roaring with laughter at the change of the girls expression. "Oh my god Star."

Star on the other hand, was amazed. “Oooooh!” She said as she clapped at the performance.

"Impressive!" Star said, nodding at the girl after her meekly hi. "Lucy, that was pretty cool no?" She whispered to the ghost.

"Sure, if she was maybe fighting something, not a tree."

"True…true." Star nodded.

Star looked back at the girl. “So….why were you fighting a tree?” To the point.

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lumiosecoachcatherine whispered: [txt]Come get Taco Bell with me. No, I don't care that it's already three in the morning, I'm already waiting outside your place



"Should we do it?"

I don’t know…but I’m kind of curious….”

[ Text ] Um….I don’t see you?

Star, we don’t know what they look like.”

"I have a feeling we will find out in 5 minutes."

Elvis’s arms quickly snapped to cover her face (or do the best they could, anyway, considering how short they were), an he curled up defensively into a little ball.

Loud noises! Scary! Startling! Elvis not like!

Catherine, entirely unsympathetic to spiritual vibrations, just saw Elvis and Star both jump at the same time, and then was asked something about ghosts.

She raised an eyebrow at the… Odd question, trying to work out what exactly the secret agent was doing, until she finally put two and two together and realized…

"You’re… About to pull out your neuralizer and wipe my memory, aren’t you? I’m just going to wake up in the middle of a Taco Bell without any idea how I got there and think ghosts did it?"


In that instant, everything calmed down in the Taco Bell. Lucy stopped screaming, Star let go of her pokeball. They both tilted her head at the girl.

"….I think she watches too much movies."

"I think so too Lucy…"

They looked at eachother, and shrugged. Well, her Lickilicky was still a threat to both of them. Who knows what the girl was about to do next. Maybe she is pretending to be dumb now so that she can attack later. Star went back to reaching for her pokeball, this time for Libra when, she heard something.

[No, allow ME!]

Oh no. If there was one pokemon Star could actually hear clearly besides Lucy. It was.


The pokeball shook violently, until it was able to break free from Star’s belt. It rolled on to the floor and opened up. Out of the pokeball came out this MAGNIFICENT pokemon. Oh he was ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS. With his blue body, huge moustache. Why.

It was none other than Mr.Pringles!


"Oh boy……"

After puffing up his moustache a little, he went over to the golden pokemon and extended a tentacle.

 [Excuse me sir, but I do believe I have to fight you. Now, I’m a gentlemen at heart, and I believe in fair fights. So I shall help you up. May I say you are a MARVELLOUS color. And oh, your tongue, it’s quite spectacular. Not as glorious as my moustache here, but, indeed quite spectacular. Also I’m very sorry for my RUDE trainer over there. Ugh. I cannot stand her. Her tastes are just so, disgusting.]

Thank god it was only 3am at Taco Bell.